Authentic East Yoga Studio

Who are we?

Dedicated to deliver only the very best authentic arts from the East to you.

How are you maximizing your true potential?

Our goal at Authentic-East is to inspire personal development in individuals, developing their skills and qualities to achieve their goals and maximise their true potential.

At Authentic-East, we offer personal development through Yoga, Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Thai Touch (often called Thai Yoga Healing), connecting your mind, body and soul and by helping achieve self-actualisation to become everything you are capable of becoming. All of my skills and certifications have come from the source of these mostly Eastern philosophies. Advanced Yoga in India and Thai Touch in Thailand.

So how can you improve your life and develop your own skills, changing the way you think about yourself to achieve your dreams? 

At Authentic-East we can inspire you to achieve your dreams and change your world!

The Eight Limbs Of yoga

The Authentic-East Studio is here to offer education and practice of all the eight limbs of yoga, not just the asanas (postures) in true traditional style honoring the origins from which Yoga came.


Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows (through how we operate our studio and education during our classes/workshops/training).


Positive duties or observances (through how we operate our studio and education during our classes/workshops/training).


Postures (of course! In our group and private classes).


Breathing techniques (in our group, private and meditation classes as well as in workshops/training).


Sense withdrawal (in our group, private and more in-depth in our meditation classes as well as in workshops/training).


Focused concentration (in our group, private and more in-depth in our meditation classes as well as in workshops/training).


Meditative absorption (in our group, private and more in-depth in our meditation classes as well as in workshops/training).


Bliss or enlightenment (which we are trying to achieve through all of the above practices).

All of our teachers are well versed in all of these yogic practices and can help you discover your true self, your higher self by deepening your practice and exploring your mind in your meditative state during classes, workshops and/or our training offerings. We believe yoga is for EVERYBODY so we are very happy and truly honored when a new student comes in to begin their journey with us.

The 7 Reasons Why you should join us

Why Choose Authentic-East as your yoga family?

Come and practice authentic yoga at Authentic-East and you will be able to see how a yoga studio can change your life.

1. Authentic Indian Yoga

Our yoga is directly from the source using the least influence of the west and staying away from fad yoga styles (traditional yoga is done at room temperature without any gimmicks – why change something that is perfect as it is?). We emphasize in the education of the eight limbs which encompasses the whole of yoga not just focusing on one limb – Asanas; Yoga is essentially a way of life not just a physical exercise  and the more you come to class the more you understand just how much it can help in every single aspect of life. For me personally it literally saved my life – see my personal journey video for more details:

2. Yoga is for every BODY

We believe yoga is for every body, giving modifications for beginners, using props and detailed cueing (verbal instruction sometimes very gentle hands-on help with alignment) and also catering for those who are more body aware and have been practicing for a longer time and who would like to be challenged.  Knowing about the body and the way it works in great detail helps immensely with helping anyone who needs extra assistance or anyone who has suffered from an injury, Anjli has studied Thai Touch in Thailand and is qualifying as many teachers as possible at Authentic-East in the art and the knowledge.


3. Experienced Yoga Teachers

Knowing what works well for different people requires lots of experience in teaching and body awareness of different body types and even personality types. Building rapport with each client to understand their needs when they come to class or private sessions.  So as well as the Thai Touch, Anjli is a certified Professional and Personal Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner where detailed understanding of personality types is understood and how to connect with those different personality types

4. Ambience & Cleanliness

We make every person feel welcome and genuinely loved from the moment they walk in the door.  The aromatherapy from sage to diffuser oils and soft lighting is essential in creating a relaxed, calm and peaceful atmosphere. Cleanliness is part of that, so that everyone feels comfortable in their environment as the environment is key to creating the feeling of our family

5. Community & Feedback

In yogic philosophy all yoga studios and teachers give back to the community to uplift everyone around them.  We also, love to hear your feedback on how we can be more involved in the community and/or how we can improve your personal experience as we grow to help you and everyone around you.  We are preparing to get involved in charitable organisations for people suffering from PTSD/abuse/domestic violence and lots more.



6. Importance of Savasana

This is an essential part of your yoga practice, it brings body and mind awareness making deep connections to a peaceful state so that when you leave a practice session, you are leaving completely relaxed and ready to face the world. Our savasanas tend to at least be 10 mins long so you can relax deeply.  Skipping Savasana does your body, mind and soul and also your yoga practice a great disservice, so we don’t!

7. Chants & Mantras

Chants & Mantras are part of the tradition of yoga. Focusing the mind but planting seeds of intentions. Not blindly chanting things you don’t know what’s being said – but hearing the Sanskrit, then the translation so it resonates deeply and speaks to your soul. Chants and mantras are not religious (although some religions incorporate these as part of their practices) nor are they an expression of philosophy beyond yoga as yoga predates religion.  We chant OMs because the vibrational sound brings calmness and peace. Mantras associated with the Chakras (our energy centers) are also often practiced in class and more. These are all designed to help clear the mind and your body’s energy and any blockages you may be experiencing in the mind or connected to your health

Meet Our Yoga Family

What Students Say

We are so grateful for our students and our growing yoga family. Join us!

Teresita Sotomayor

"Awesome Yoga studio. Highly recommended. The instructors are amazing and there are many classes available for people with busy schedules. Come and check it out. I’m glad I did."

Andrea Hollowell

"Beautiful space and environment! Enjoyed a Flow class with Anjli today at noon and can't wait to go back for my next class!”

Dawn Suit

Love going to practice at Authentic East. Peaceful and inviting atomsphere.