Authentic East Yoga Studio

200 hour
yoga teacher training

January 17th 2020


Payment options available – ask us about how to spread the payments for your new career!


You Deserve a Teacher Training as unique as you are...

There are so many yoga teacher training courses out there to choose from, even here in Orlando, Florida. How do you know which yoga training is right for you?
Just like life, yoga is not one size fits all. At Authentic-East, we believe yoga to be more than a rigid sequence of asanas and it certainly not all about the physical side of the practice.
Our Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hour teacher training program will give you a solid foundation in the many facets of yoga so you can create flexible programmes that will honour your students as individuals and make you an in-demand yoga instructor, over the course of 12 weekends.

Your new career

Imagine watching your students blossom under your guidance of teaching. You can become the type of instructor you’ve always loved: knowledgeable, flexible, supportive, kind and loving. You’ll wake up each day knowing you are making a crucial difference in bringing yoga into the lives of others and fulfilling your life purpose.

Why choose Authentic-East?

Our yoga teacher training courses set themselves apart owing to the unique features of our approach. Our yoga training includes the following:

Comprehensive Curriculum

There’s been a recent trend in yoga to focus on a narrow set of asanas practiced within the confines of a certain style. Our approach is different. At Authentic-East we believe in providing you with a broad yogic education to empower you to make the best possible choices for your students and create a modern yoga class that respects yoga’s traditions and foundation while taking into account the unique personal needs of your students.

Individualized Approach

Our approach to teaching asanas is eclectic as it encompasses training in classical yoga while integrating the best elements of two yoga styles. Rather than training you to duplicate a specific system or style, we offer you an environment and resources to develop the art and science of teaching yoga in a way that is responsive to the class situation and relevant to the individual needs of the students in front of you.

You will be introduced to the principles of teaching a Hatha class, a Vinyasa class and a Restorative class, within the larger picture of the Rajadhiraja School of Yoga. You will receive a classical yoga training which honors the traditional teachings. 

Small Groups

Each student joining our yoga teacher training course is cherished and important. Because each person counts and we want students to benefit from our individualized approach, we accept only a limited number of people on all our yoga training courses. This ensures that maximum personalized attention can be given to each and every student. We accept a maximum of 15 students on our courses and only a very small number of 8 students on our Restorative Teacher training courses.5

Why now?

Don’t ignore that little voice inside your head — the one that’s been telling you a career in yoga is right for you. If you have a passion for bringing the joy of yoga to others, start your yoga training journey today, it will open a whole new world for you making a difference in people’s lives.

Find peace in your calling. Release yourself from the 9-5 mentality and begin savoring a life built on the power of yoga.